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Liquitex Silk Screen Medium 237ml

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Mix Liquitex Silk Screen Medium with acrylic paints to make them suitable for screen printing. It is slow drying, giving you more working time for printing. It also improves the flow of the acrylic colour so that it will print more detail.

This silk screen medium will thin the acrylic paint without effecting its stability, quality and opacity.

To use it, just mix 1-2 parts of acrylic paint (depending on the thickness of the acrylic) with 1 part medium. To achieve a bold solid colour, use opaque colours or add white before adding the medium (this may result in a lighter colour).

Clean your screen and equipment thoroughly after use (do not let the paint dry on the screen).

Archival quality with a durable finish. 237ml pot.

This Liquitex silk screen printing medium is fully compatible with all Liquitex acrylic products.

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