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Liquitex Satin Gel Medium 237ml

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Liquitex Satin Gel Medium is used to make acrylic paint thicker and to create a satin finish. It extends the paint without effecting the quality. When mixed with a heavy body acrylic, it gives the texture of an oil paint, making it ideal for impasto techniques.

This medium will also slow the drying time of acrylic paint and enhance the appearance of brush strokes. Apply it with a paint brush or palette knife for thicker applications.

You can mix as much of it as you like into your acrylic paint to create your desired thickness and transparency. The more you add, the thicker and more transparent the colour will be.

This Liquitex Gel Medium can be added to all types of acrylic paints and acrylic inks to thicken them and extend the volume.

It is semi-opaque when wet but dries clear. If used very thickly it may dry semi-opaque.

Durable and archival quality. Available in a 237ml pot.

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