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Liquitex Satin Fluid Medium 237ml

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Liquitex Satin Fluid Medium adds fluidity to acrylic paints by thinning it without compromising the quality of the paint. Use it to extend the volume of your paint and to give a satin finish.

This fluid medium will increase the depth and transparency of the acrylic colour.

Mix as much of the medium as you like into your acrylic paint until you achieve your desired thickness. The more acrylic medium you add, the thinner and more transparent the colour will be.

If you need to dilute the medium, add up to 25% of water to it. When it is wet, it is semi-opaque, but it will dry completely clear.

Once you have finished your painting, protect your artwork by using this medium over the top as a non-removable satin varnish.

To fix pastel, graphite or chalk, mix 1 part medium to 1 part distilled water and apply with an atomizer or airbrush.

You can also use it as a glue when collaging with lightweight materials and to transfer printed images.

Durable and archival quality. Available in a 237ml bottle.

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