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Product code: MANMSH725FLE

Manuscript Classic Design Seal- Fleur De Lys

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Manuscript Design Seals are small ceramic handles with a sealing coin attached, allowing you to create beautiful and traditional seals on a variety of different works. This set contains a Fleur-De-Lys design, allowing you to add a regal and stylish touch to any project.

Also included in this set are instructions on how to create your seal, and a stick of red wax with wick. To use this product simply light the wick and turn the wax upside down, so that the wax is facing your chosen surface. Then rotate the wax stick until the melted wax drips onto the surface, and then press your seal into the wet wax. This will create your chosen design, which is perfect for letters, invites, cards and other correspondence, decoration, certificates, labels and many other craft and hobby projects.

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