Kurecolor Fine & Brush Pens

Kurecolor Fine & Brush Pens

Kurecolor Fine and Brush pens by Kuretake are twin-tipped pens that feature a flexible brush tip for fluid lines and large areas of colour, and a fine point tip for precise lines and detailed work. These alcohol-based marker pens are permanent and quick drying, as well as being free from Xylene.

What surfaces can Kurecolor Fine and Brush pens be used on?

As these pens are alcohol based, it is best to use them on thicker paper to limit the risk of the ink bleeding through the page. A smooth surface, such as Winsor and Newton Bristol Board Pads would work very well with these pens, as would the Clairefontaine Paint On pads. These particular pads have a smooth surface which would handle the ink exceptionally well, making blending and mixing colours easier.

Can Kurecolor Fine and Brush pens be blended?

Yes, as well as the 135 fantastic single colours that are available, there is also a colourless blender. This can be used to blend single colours to help limit the amount of strokes visible and also to mix colours to create new shades.

Can Kurecolor Fine and Brush pens be used for Manga art?

Yes, these fantastic brush pens are ideal for Manga art as they are easy to control, have bright colours and lots of choice of skin tones and grey scales. Kurecolor Fine & Brush pens are also great for other types of illustration work, graphic and fashion design, craft and hobby projects and for lettering and calligraphy.

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