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Daniel Smith Art Masking Fluid 30ml

Daniel Smith
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Daniel Smith Art Masking Fluid 30ml is ideal for blocking off areas that you want to stay white when painting with watercolours, leaving crisp, clean edges. It comes with 5 fine point tips for easy application.

When you apply this Masking Fluid, it is an off-white colour. It dries to a transparent caramel colour so that you can see where you have applied it whilst painting. Once dried, the Masking Fluid is easy to remove.

Once the Masking Fluid had been removed you can either keep the white areas white or add watercolour to the preserved white area.

To use Daniel Smith Watercolour  Masking Fluid: Remove storage top. Cut open the top of the applicator. You can cut the 5 applicator tips to allow a variety of fluid line widths.

Gently rotate the bottle several times to mix ingredients before using (do not shake it s this will put air bubbles in it). The flow of fluid is controlled by capillary action and should not require squeezing while applying onto your paper.

Clean your applicator tips immediately after use by rinsing them in warm water. If the masking fluid dries before you rinse out, you can peel some of it away and/or use a pin or needle to clear out the applicator tip.

You can also use a cheap brush to apply the Masking Fluid. Make sure you rinse it well with soapy water immediately after.

Let the Masking Fluid air dry before painting on it with watercolours. Do not use a heat source like a hair dryer.

Once your watercolour paint and the paper is dry, you can remove the Masking Fluid. To remove the Masking Fluid, use a Rubber Colour Shaper. You can use your fingers but make sure that your hands are clean so that you don't get oil from your fingers onto your watercolour paper.

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