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Pebeo Drawing Gum Marker Pen 0.7mm

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This Pebeo Drawing Gum Marker Pen has a fine 0.7mm nib for masking off detailed areas that you wish to remain white when painting with watercolours, inks or diluted gouache.

It contains a peelable rubber latex solution that is coloured blue so that you can easily see where you have applied the drawing gum. The blue film is easy to remove afterwards, just gently rub it with a clean finger or an eraser.

This high precision Pebeo Drawing Gum Marker Pen is a great tool for applying masking fluid quickly and easily without ruining your paint brushes.

The 0.7mm plastic nib allows for clean, fine, continuous applications without clogging. Remove and clean the pen nib after use with warm water. Replacement tip included.

Store this masking fluid pen flat when not in use and preferrably use within 12 months of opening.

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