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Pebeo Deco Verdigris Patina Kit

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This Pebeo Verdigris Patina Set will reproduce the effects of oxidation on copper and bronze in a simple two part process. It creates an 'aged look' and can be used on to all types of surfaces, including plaster, clay, wood, rustproof metal, glass, cardboard, etc.

It comes with 2 'Effect' bottles. The first one is a Bronze Undercoat and the second is an Oxidant (blue bottle). To create an oxidised look on your object, just follow these two steps:

Step 1 - Using a soft brush, paint your object with the Pebeo Verdigris Bronze Undercoat and allow to dry (shake the bottle well before use).

Step 2 - In the areas that you want the 'oxidised green effect' to take place, apply the Pebeo Verdigris Oxidant. This will give you an instantly aged Verdigris effect which continues to develop as it dries. Once dry, you will get a matt finish.

After use, wash brushes with warm soapy water. To protect the finish, use a spray varnish once dry.

This Pebeo Verdigris Set contains 2 x 75ml bottles and a user guide.

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