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Pebeo Fantasy Jewellery Bracelet With 20mm x 20mm Squares

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Create your own Jewellery with the Pebeo Fantasy range. This metal square shaped bracelet is designed to be decorated with Pebeo Fantasy Moon & Prisme paints. The bracelet is made from rhodium plated stainless steel, is hypoallergenic (nickel free) and adjustable to all sizes.

Before applying paint to the jewellery, make sure it is clean and dry. For best results, apply the Pebeo Fantasy Paint with a dropper / pipette and for a protective 3D finish, use Gedeo Glazing or Crystal Resin once the paint is fully dry.

CREATIVE IDEAS: To produce a honeycomb pattern on your jewellery, use Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paint - apply in thin layers for a small honeycomb pattern and thick layers for a larger pattern.

For a hammered, textured, pearlescent effect, use Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paint and for a marbled finish combine it with Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint.

If you would like a glittery finish to your jewellery piece, add Pebeo Vitrail Sparkling Medium to your paint or the dried surface.

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