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Pebeo Colorex Manga Ink Kit

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The Pebeo Colorex Manga Ink Kit contains:

- 8 x 20ml Pebeo Colorex Inks in assorted colours.
- 1 x 20ml Pebeo Drawing Gum.
- 1 x 20ml Graphic Black Indian Ink.
- 3 x Pipettes.

Pebeo Colorex Inks are ideal for drawing and illustration, especially Manga Art and Comics. They are highly concentrated watercolour inks that are dye based making the colours exceptionally bright and vivid.

All colours are transparent and have a velvety flat finish. Colorex Inks are water-based and can be mixed together. As the inks are dye-based, they are not lightfast (except for the black indian ink), so work should be kept under UV glass or in a portfolio.

Use the Pebeo Graphic Black Indian Ink to produce bold lines. This ink is opaque with a satin finish and good lightfastness.

Colorex Inks can be used as they are or diluted with water and used through an airbrush, dip pen, technical pen or applied with a pipette or paint brush. They can be used on most absorbant surfaces such as paper, card, Bristol Board, Canvas, etc.

For masking off areas that you want to stay white, use the Pebeo Drawing Gum and remove it by peeling it off once your drawing is complete.

This Colorex Manga Ink Set is a perfect set for any graphic artist and for introducing someone to the range of Pebeo Colorex Inks.

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