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Pebeo Pouring Experience Complete Kit With 47 Pieces

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This Pebeo Acrylic Pouring Kit contains everything you need for experimenting with the pouring acrylic technique. There are 47 pieces in this set.

This Pouring Acrylic Set contains:

- 8 x 118ml ready to use Pebeo fluid acrylics (Pebeo Studio Acrylics pre-mixed with Pebeo Pouing Medium),
- 1 x 50ml Pebeo Silicone Oil,
- 4 x 20 x 25cm Canvas Boards,
- 3 x Sachets of Glitter,
- 5 x Droppers / Pipettes,
- 8 x Wooden Sticks for mixing,
- 8 x Plastic Cups for the flip pouring technique,
- 2 x Painting Knives,
- 1 x Tarpaulin,
- 4 x Gloves,
- 1 x Apron,
-1 x Instruction Booklet.

The Acrylics in this set are ready to pour (you don't need to mix them with anything) and have a high gloss finish. Use the Silicone Oil to create more cells and a more abstract finish.

The colours won't change colour when mixed with eachother and will create a marbled pattern.

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