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Pebeo Studio Watercolour 12x12ml

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This assortment of high quality, vibrant 12x12ml watercolours is perfect for any beginner or more advanced artist. Its wide variety of colours makes the set a great introduction to watercolour painting. They can be easily diluted and have depth of tone and transparency that remain even when dry. These paints can also be used on different surfaces such as watercolour paper or cardboard.

The colours included in this set are: Primary Lemon Yellow 01, Primary Red Cadmium 05, Alizarine Crimson 08, Primary Phthalo Blue 11, Cobalt Blue 13, Prussian Blue 14, Sap Green 18, Yellow Ochre 21, Burnt Sienna 23, Burnt Umber 24, Ivory Black 27 and China White 28.

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