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Pebeo Cerne Relief Metal Set 3 x 20ml

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A set of 3 x 20ml Metallic Pebeo Cerne Relief Outliners in Copper, Silver & Gold. The Metallic Cerne Reliefs are perfect for adding relief to surfaces and give a lovely glossy sparkly finish.

Cerne Relief is ideal for decorating glass objects, canvas, cards, wood, metal and more.

Use Pebeo Cerne Relief with Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints to imitate a stained glass effect. Simply draw the outlines of your design on to the glass with the Cerne Relief outliner, allow it to dry for 1 - 2 hours, then apply Vitrail Glass Paint colours with a brush. Cerne Relief stops the colours from merging together and forms a strong bold glass paint design.

A great set for starting Glass Painting. Completely dry after 24 hours.

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