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Product code: PEB766150

Gedeo Crystal Resin 150ml

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This 150ml Gedeo Crystal Resin Kit is an easy to use, low odour, 2 part epoxy resin system (resin and hardener). Use Crystal Resin to make transparent glass like objects and castings. It has a hgh gloss finish that will not shrink once dry.

To use Crystal Resin simply mix two equal parts of the Resin to one part hardener (2:1). Make sure that it has been measured accurately or the Resin will not set properly. Stir well and then it is ready to use.

Crystal Resin can be applied in layers to create overlays or to add inclusions into the casting such as gold leaf flakes, coins, etc. It will dry in approximately 24 hours depending on the thickness of the resin application. To add inclusions, pour out a thin layer of resin then allow to cure. Add your objects, then pour a second layer of Crystal Resin to cover and retain them.

You can use Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints or Cermaic paints to tint Crystal Resin by adding up to 10% of the colour to the resin mixture.

Crystal Resin is ideal for creating Mixed Media art, inclusions, casting objects, collage, or for simply pouring over surfaces such as canvas as a liquid paint. It can be used to laminate a surface or create a protective varnish. It adds depth and brilliance when poured over dry Fantasy paint or Vitrail and Ceramic colours (let the paint dry for a minimum of 7 days first).

Not suitable for children to use.

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