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Product code: PEB766170

Gedeo Glazing Resin 150ml

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Gedeo Glazing Resin adds relief and shine to flat surfaces. It gives a nice transparent smooth rounded 3D finish when poured over objects and protects the surface underneath. Use Glazing Resin on Canvas, Jewellery, Photographs, Liquid Art Panels, Glass, Badges, Metal, Painted Wood, Postcards, Plastic, etc.

Glazing Resin is easy to use and ideal for creating mixed media art pieces and relief art. You can use it to cast objects, add inclusions such as photographs and metal leaf and pour over collage and abstract art to form a protective coating and three dimensional effect. You can even use Glazing Resin on canvas to give a magnified glass effect.

This Glazing Resin is a two component epoxy resin system that gives a hardened enamel effect. It consists of a resin and a hardener. Thoroughly mix two equal parts of Gedeo Glazing Resin to one part Hardener. It is very important that these are mixed correctly and accurately or the resin will not set properly and will remain sticky.

This Glazing Resin Kit Contains:
100ml Gedeo Glazing Resin,
50ml Gedeo Glazing Hardener,
Protective Plastic Gloves,
2 x Plastic Measuring Cups,
2 x Wooden Sticks For Mixing The Resin,
1 x User Guide With Tips & Step By Step Instructions.

It is easy to use - Once the two epoxy resin components have been mixed together, simply pour it on to the surface of your choice to give it a three dimensional finish.

Resins add relief to flat surfaces and can be used with Pebeo Fantasy Moon & Prisme Paints, Vitrail Glass Paints, Pebeo Studio Acrylic Mediums, Metal Leaf and Pebeo Studio Acrylics, etc, to create unique Mixed Media Art Pieces with a glossy finish.

Glazing Resin is touch dry in approximately 6 hours and fully dry in 12 hours.

Not suitable for children.

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