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Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste 37ml Tube

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Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste comes in a 37ml tube with a nozzle for easy application. It allows for a thick three dimensional effect to be achieved when used with metal and mirror leaf.

Simply squeeze the Gilding Paste over your design, allow it to go tacky (it will go transparent in colour), and then apply your gold leaf or mirror effect leaf over the top, gently rubbing the metal leaf until it is transferred to the glue.

Relief Gilding Paste gives really interesting effects when used on canvas, wood, paper and card, mirrors, ceramics, terracotta, glass and many other surfaces.

It can be used directly from the tube for a 3D effect or applied with a spatula or brush.

The time that it takes for this relief glue to go tacky depends on how thick the application is, but is generally between 1 and 2 hours.

Perfect for mixed media relief art!

For a more fluid, smoother gold leaf application, use Pebeo Deco Gilding Paste.

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