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Pebeo Studio Acrylic Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Set 5 x 100ml

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A set of 5 x 100ml Pebeo Studio Acrylic Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Paints. Use for glow in the dark effects and to create a bright neon fluorescent finish.

Once dry, Pebeo Studio Acrylics are permanent and produce a satin finish.

These acrylic paints can be mixed with other Pebeo acrylic Medium to create different effects, including Pouring Medium.

This set contains the following acrylic paints:

Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Phosphorescent Colourless
Phosphorescent Blue

The Pebeo Phosphorescent Acrylic Paints can be used directly from the tube to produce a glow in the dark effect or mixed with other acrylic colours to make them fluorescent.

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