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STABILO Pen 68 - Tin of 20 Fibre Tip Pens

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This set of Stabilo Pen 68’s contains 20 vivid colours that are odourless and water based. These pens have a medium sized hard-wearing nib which is great for stencilling, strong colours and bold lines. The barrel and cap is a close colour match to the ink inside each of the pens, meaning that it’s quick and simple to find the colour you want. These fibre tipped pens can also be left uncapped for up to a day without risking the ink drying out.

The colours included in this set are:

13- Ice Green, 32- Ultramarine, 36- Green, 41- Dark Blue, 43- Leaf Green, 44- Yellow, 45- Brown, 46- Black, 48- Carmine, 50- Dark Red, 51- Turquoise Blue, 54- Orange, 55- Violet, 56- Rose, 57- Azure, 58- Lilac, 63- Earth Green, 89- Dark Ochre, 94- Light Cold Grey, 96- Dark Grey.

Perfect for illustration, sketching, comic art and other drawing needs, as well as for graphic, fashion, landscape and architectural design, these pens make the ideal gift for any artist or hobbyist.

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