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Acid Free Blotting Paper 61x43cm

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This is an acid free blotting paper, woodfree with a weight of 300gsm. The size is 61cm x 43cm and is sold here in a minimum quantity of 5 sheets.

This is a versatile paper with many uses beyond its more commonly known applications. Here are a few uses for blotting paper:

  • Blotting Ink: Blotting paper is often used to absorb excess ink when using fountain pens or calligraphy pens, preventing smudges and bleeding on the paper.
  • Replacement Paper for Desk Blotters: Use as a replacement sheet for your desk mat or desk blotter.
  • Watercolour Techniques: In watercolour painting, blotting paper can be used to lift excess paint or water from the paper, creating interesting textures and effects.
  • Pressed Flowers: Blotting paper is sometimes used in flower pressing to absorb moisture from freshly picked flowers, helping to preserve them for crafts or decorative purposes.
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