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National Gallery Watercolour Wooden Box Set With 24 Half Pans

Royal Talens
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This National Gallery Watercolour Wooden Box comes with 24 Van Gogh Half Pans & accessories.

Van Gogh Watercolour Paint from Royal Talens consists of very transparent, bright colours that have the highest degree of lightfastness. Colours can be mixed together and used with water to create beautiful washes and watercolour effects.

This National Gallery Watercolour Wooden Box Set contains:

- 24 x Van Gogh Watercolour Half Pans
- 2 x Paint Brushes (Van Gogh Watercolour Brushes in a Size 6 & 8)
- 1 x Mixing Palette
- 1 x Wooden Box

The watercolours included are: Chinese White (108), Permanent Lemon Yellow (254), Azo Yellow Light (268), Gamboge (238), Azo Yellow Dark (270), Permanent Orange (266), Vermillion (311), Permanent Red Light (370), Permanent Red Dark (371), Madder Lade Dark (331), Quinacridone Rose (366), Ultramarine Dark (506), Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine - 512), Cerulean Blue (Phthalo - 535), Prussian Blue (508), Hooker Green Dark (645), Permanent Green (662), Viridian (616), Sap Green (623), Yellow Ochre (227), Burnt Siena (411), Burnt Umber (409), Sepia (416) and Payne's Grey (708).

A lovely watercolour set for beginners.

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