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Bruynzeel Super Sixties Beetle Tin Of 60 Coloured Pencils

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Bruynzeel Super Sixties Tin of 60 Pencils.

Bruynzeel colour box featuring a charming retro Beetle car illustration. Experience the essence of Dutch artistry as you dive into a world of vibrant hues. These quality pencils are infused with premium pigments, guaranteeing breathtaking colour payoff and effortless blending.

Within this convenient storage tin adorned with a captivating Beetle car design, you'll discover an assortment of 60 items carefully curated for your artistic journey:

  • 44 colour pencils
  • 12 metallic colour pencils (featuring black wood!)
  • 2  graphite pencils
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 colour pencil sharpener

Bruynzeel take pride in their commitment to quality and sustainability. These pencils are gluten-free and crafted with responsibly-sourced wood, ensuring a guilt-free artistic experience. The pencils are made using a double-gluing technique, these pencils possess exceptional durability, reducing the risk of breakage, even if they accidentally meet the ground. This means fewer interruptions, fewer sharpenings, and more time dedicated to expressing your artistic vision.

Purchase the Bruynzeel Super Sixties Tin of 60 Pencils today and embark on a colourful journey of artistic expression.

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