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Van Gogh Carre Pastels Set of 24

Royal Talens
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Van Gogh Carre Pastels are square shaped hard pastels. These are hard, dry and sturdy pastels that are suited for detailed work by using the point or if used flat, can colour large areas.
These pastels are firm and a little thicker than other carre pastels. High quality pigments are used which give good colour retention and lightfast rating.

This 24-stick set includes the following colours:
White (100.5)
Lemon Yellow (205.5)
Yellow (200.5)
Deep Yellow (202.5)
Orange (235.5)
Vermillion (311.5)
Permanent Red (372.5)
Carmine (318.5)
Rose (357.5)
Red Violet (545.5)
Blue Violet (548.5)
Brilliant Blue (564.5)
Phthalo Blue (570.5)
Ultramarine (504.5)
Prussian Blue (508.5)
Permanent Green Light (618.5)
Turquoise Green (661.5)
Permanent Green Deep (619.5)
Olive Green (620.5)
Yellow Ochre (227.5)
Burnt Sienna (411.5)
Burnt Umber (409.5)
Greenish Umber (410.3)
Black (700.5)

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