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Van Gogh Oil Pastels 24 Set

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The Van Gogh Oil Pastel Set of 24 offers a comprehensive palette of basic colours chosen from the entire range of 60. If you have not tried Van Gogh Oil Pastels before or are looking for a gift for somebody wanting to try this medium for the first time, this set will give a fantastic start. You'll find them wonderfully soft with an outstanding colouring ability and suitable for working large areas as well as for finer detail.

The Van Gogh Oil Pastel Set of 24 is neatly contained in a strong, brightly coloured cardboard box with each pastel protected with a paper wrapper. The colours included are:

100.5 White, 205.5 Lemon Yellow, 201.5 Light Yellow, 202.5 Yellow, 235.5 Orange, 311.5 Vermilion, 334.5 Scarlet, 362.5 Deep Rose, 545.7 Red Violet, 536.5 Violet, 548.5 Blue Violet, 504.5 Ultramarine, 570.5 Phthalo Blue, 508.5 Prussian Blue, 522.5 Turquoise Blue, 675.5 Phthalo Green, 614.5 Permanent Green Medium, 654.5 Fir Green, 623.5 Sap Green, 227.5 Yellow Ochre, 411.5 Burnt Sienna, 409.5 Burnt Umber, 416.5 Sepia, 700.5 Black

Van Gogh Oil Pastels are also available in a set of 12, a set of 60 (complete range) or individually.

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