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UHU Twist & Glue 90ml

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UHU Twist & Glue is a clear all-purpose, strong adhesive for sticking paper, card, felt, fabrics, wood, leather, cork, foam, etc.

It comes in a squeezable plastic bottle with a unique twist applicator. Twist the top to reveal the fine black nozzle for precision gluing and for gluing dots and lines. Un-twist it to use it as a spreader for gluing larger areas.

Apply the adhesive thinly to one side and then press the surfaces together.

The glue is fast drying and will wash out of clothes on a hot 60°C wash.

Materials to be glued must be clean and dry.

You can use this UHU glue for sticking plastics and metal too. For best results, roughen these surfaces first with sandpaper.

This is a solvent-based glue that has a strong odour so make sure that you use it in a well ventilated place.

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