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Cotman Metal Sketchers Box (24 Half Pans)

Winsor & Newton
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The Winsor & Newton, Cotman Watercolour, Metal Sketchers Box is a lightweight,
portable, traditional style paint box offering a fantastic range of these high quality half pans at an affordable price. 

This box contains 24 x half pans - 346, Lemon Yellow Hue, 119 Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, 109 Cadmium Yellow Hue, 090 Cadmium Orange Hue, 103 Cadmium Red Pale Hue, 098 Cadmium Red Deep Hue, 003 Alizarin Crimson Hue, 544 Purple Lake, 660 Ultramarine, 327 Intense Blue (Phthalo Blue), 179 Cobalt Blue Hue, 139 Cerulean Blue Hue, 312 Hookers Green Dark, 696 Viridian Hue, 599 Sap Green, 235 Emerald, 744 Yellow Ochre, 074 Burnt Sienna, 317 Indian Red, 076 Burnt Umber, 554 Raw Umber, 465 Paynes Grey, 337 Lamp Black, 150 Chinese White, an integral, fold-out palette in the lid, a thumb ring plus a useful leaflet with a colour chart.
Contents may vary according to availability of colours.

The hard-wearing, durability coupled with the comprehensive colour range makes the Cotman Metal Sketchers Box a popular choice. An ideal gift for any watercolour artist.

We recommend you use these half pans with watercolour brushes on watercolour paper with a weight of at least 300gsm / 140lbs. To achieve variations to your work, a range of watercolour mediums are available. 

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