Pilot Pen Corporation is Japans oldest and largest Pen manufacturer with the very first Pilot Pen being introduced in 1918. Pilot was founded by engineer and Professor Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada in 1915. Intrigued by the Fountain Pen and its interrupted ink flow they created a high quality design of their own and started manufacturing Pilot Fountain Pens. Pilot owes its name to their shared love of the sea and refers to a fleet’s flagship. Pilot’s creativity, innovation and superb design have made it the leader in everyday Pens for drawing and writing.

Pullingers stock the most popular Pilot Pens. The classic Pilot V5 and V7 Hi-Tecpoint Pens are eternally popular with its needle point tip and flowing ink. They are great for sketching, writing and technical drawing. For intricate drawing try the G-Tec C4 Micro Tip Pens that will give you an accurate 0.2mm line. For sketching look at the Pilot Croquis Mechanical Pencil, a refillable 3mm lead pencil. The Pilot Super Color Markers are opaque and permanent. Available in Gold, Silver and White and in different nib sizes they can be used on almost any surface including glass, metal and plastic. We also stock Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pens which erases its ink with heat caused by the friction on the paper. Pilot makes the finest Pens for artists, designers and students.

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