Artstraws Ltd manufactures Art and Craft materials for children big and small. It has the humble paper drinking straw to thank for its success. When free school milk was stopped first in the late 1960’s by Harold Wilson and then in 1970 by Margaret Thatcher, paper drinking straw manufacturers slowly but surely went out of business. All but Artstraws. Thinking that they could use their straws instead of corn stalks for the traditional craft of corn doll weaving they changed the use of their product. However their paper straws were waxed so unwaxed paper straws were developed and paper straw craft began. Artstraws Ltd also owned a children’s games manufacturing business and saw a great opportunity for their paper straw in art and craft retail and educational markets. After purchasing the straw manufacturing machinery Artstraws paper straws and a huge range of art and craft supplies continue to be made at their Swansea factory. Children and adults have been using Artstraws products at school, home and in modelmaking for over 30 years.

Pullingers stock a huge range of Artstraws craft and model making materials. From modroc, plaster of paris, lollipop sticks and matchsticks to pipe cleaners, feathers, polystyrene balls and wiggle eyes, we have all you need to create your craft projects. Artstraws Art Supplies are loved by children for all manner of craft making and decorating including Christmas, Easter and Halloween projects. Students use Artstraws modelmaking supplies in Architecture. If you are creating a model for gaming or your child has come home with a school project to build a volcano, Viking ship or castle, you need Artstraws modelling materials.

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