Da Vinci Artist Brushes

Da Vinci has for three generations created the finest quality artists and speciality brushes. Fine Artists made their own paint brushes until the 18th century when a Nuremberg crafts guild began to master the art of brush making and Nuremberg soon established itself as the centre for brush making. Hans-Friedrich Defet is the third generation of his family to continue the family da Vinci brand and it now offers the largest selection of artist’s brushes in the world. Using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship along with input from professional artists, da Vinci creates paint brushes that handle beautifully with unsurpassed quality and performance. Da Vinci are the only art supplies manufacturer that continue to buy whole Kolinsky Sable tails and completes all making and dressing of brushes in house. Da Vinci Brushes are precisely made with great elasticity, colour holding capacity and regain their shape when paint is absorbed. All da Vinci brushes are handmade with brush making skills being passed down to apprentices. By combining traditional brush making techniques with the latest innovations, da Vinci has become the brand of choice for fine artists worldwide.

Pullingers stock a wide range of da Vinci brushes for Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil painting. As well as the popular Series 10 Kolinsky Sable Maestro Brushes and the incredibly elastic synthetic NOVA Brush range, we stock the springy MAESTRO 2 Bristle Brushes and the more recent Hobby and School range. These short handled brushes are highly durable and offer excellent value. The da Vinci Casaneo Watercolour Brushes are new to the market and include a range of synthetic Wash Brushes that are highly flexible, beautiful to use and a great price. The convenient Kolinsky Red Sable Travel Pocket Brushes make the perfect travelling companion for artists. The Virto Tablet Brush brings da Vinci into the 21st century. The Virto Brush allows the artist to create realistic paint strokes while using a tablet or iPad. For high quality, beauty and unrivalled performance choose da Vinci brushes.

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