Golden Artist Colors is based in New Berlin, New York where they dedicate their time and expertise to creating professional quality paint and mediums for artists. Sam Golden the founder of Golden Artist Colors previously produced hand ground oil colours for artists along with his uncle Leonard Bocour under the name Bocour Artist Colors. Artists including Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Rothko used their paints and visited their store. The story goes that a local artist gave Sam a honey like resin and asked if it could be made into paint. In the late 40’s after much experimentation the first artist’s acrylic paint by the name of “Magna” was introduced. Golden Artist Colors was later founded in 1980 in a renovated barn.

Golden’s very first Acrylic Paint, the Heavy Body Acrylic, is known for its smooth, thick and buttery consistency. Golden Heavy Body offers the artist the largest range of pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion. With excellent permanence, light fastness and no added fillers, extenders, toners or dyes Golden Acrylic is of the finest quality. Golden have since added Iridescent, Interference and Fluid Acrylics to their range, along with a variety of mediums, gels and pastes. Golden QoR Watercolour is their latest arrival with Golden’s exclusive binder Aquazol being used instead of Gum Arabic in the QoR formulation. It can hold greater amounts of pigment so allows for a greater luminosity and brilliance in the watercolour paint even after drying. Golden Artist Colors specialise in paint for today’s fine artists. Make Golden Artist Acrylic your first choice.

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