Staedtler is Europe’s largest manufacturer of Pens, Pencils and Art Supplies for writing, sketching and technical drawing. Founded in 1835 by J.S. Staedtler we have the craftsman Friedrich Staedtler to thank for the humble wood cased pencil. Friedrich was the first pencil maker to make pencils from start to finish. Pencil making became his main profession and he is mentioned in Nuremberg’s city annals as far back as 1662. Staedtler’s coloured lead surpassed other similar products in quality and performance. The later discovery of carbon fibres allowed Staedtler to produce their popular mechanical lead pencils with super thin, elastic and break resistant leads. Since 1835 Staedtler’s range has grown to include fineliner pens, coloured pencils, markers, technical pens and mechanical pencils as well as technical drawing equipment such as compasses, rulers and erasers. Staedtler Art Supplies are now used worldwide by students, school children, designers and architects.

Pullingers stock a large range of Staedtler art and writing supplies. The high quality Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils for writing, drawing and drafting film remain a firm favourite and Staedtler’s range of Mechanical Pencils including the 2mm Technico Clutch Pencil are used by design students and artists. Staedtler’s extremely popular Pigment Liner Pens for writing and sketching are waterproof, lightfast and can be used with rulers, stencils and templates. They are suitable for manga, sketching and technical drawing as well as graphic and fashion design. We also stock the ergonomically designed Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Triplus Fibre Tipped Pens. In addition to pens and pencils, we have a selection of Staedtler compasses with and without extension bars for school, college and professional design use. Whether you are a student or a professional designer Staedtler’s high quality pens, pencils and technical drawing supplies are perfect for all art and design needs.

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