UHU, a German brand, has been the leading adhesive worldwide for over 75 years. In 1905 dispensing chemist August Fisher purchased a small chemical plant with the intention of manufacturing inks, paints and adhesives. It was his invention of a clear synthetic resin adhesive that in time made the brand the best known adhesive manufacturer in the world. The substance known as the “everything sticker” had the ability to stick to anything. It was customary at the time to name stationary products after birds and UHU was named after the German Eagle Owl Uhu which could still be found in the Black Forest. The company also supplied the glue in model airplane kits called Uhu (Owl) which was built by children in the “small owl” annual contest. The glue became very popular with model makers and the name stuck so to speak. UHU has become one of the most known and used brands of our time and is used by artists, students, crafters and in DIY worldwide.

Pullingers stock UHU All Purpose Adhesive and UHU Super Glue. “UHU glues anything, anytime” and UHU All Purpose Adhesive does indeed glue pretty much anything. The glue film remains flexible and therefore will not crinkle paper. You can also use UHU on cardboard, wood, metal, ceramic, fabric, glass, felt and so much more. This fast drying crystal clear adhesive is used in art and design, model making and in crafts. UHU Super Glue is an extremely strong transparent adhesive that bonds instantly. UHU Super Glue can be used on plastics, metals, ceramics, wood, rubber and other surfaces. We have all used UHU whether at school, college, at home or in the office or studio. Their slogan “Don’t say glue, say UHU!” says it all.

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