FIMO is a Polymer Modelling Clay brand made by the German Company Staedtler. This PVC based compound is stronger than normal modelling clays allowing you to create smaller, more detailed pieces. It consists of plastic powder, plasticisers and additives that become a gel during oven baking and a solid state when cool. FIMO is suitable for all ages and can be used in a similar way to ceramics, modelling clay, plasticine and play-dough. FIMO Polymer Clay is so versatile and is used by children, artists and students alike in jewellery making, animation, sculpture and home crafts. As well as being able to drill and sand FIMO you can paint it with Acrylic Paint once baked and create marbled effects by mixing colours together.

Pullingers stock FIMO Soft, FIMO Air, Puppen and Plastiline Clays. FIMO Soft is available in 24 brilliant colours as well as a further 24 Effect colours including Nightglow (fluorescent), Glitter, Metallic, Transparent and Stone effect. FIMO Soft is easier to use than the original classic making it ideal for children. Munich Artists’ Plastilin is an oil based non hardening modelling material designed for professional use. Plastilin is smooth and pliable remaining workable for years. It is reusable and will not shrink, making it perfect for animation and fine art sculpture as well as children’s art and craft. FIMO Air Basic is a water based air hardening modelling clay which doesn’t need baking. FIMO Air is very easy to sculpt making it ideal for kids and crafters as well as artists. FIMO Puppen is a specialist modelling material. It is highly pliable and ideal for creating highly detailed objects and can be blended with FIMO Soft. With a semi matt finish and in two subtle skin tones it is particularly popular in doll-modelling applications. Whether you are a professional animator, student or child you can create with FIMO Modelling Clay.

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