How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon With Sarah Jane Vickery

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon

 Monday 19 October 2020  -   Sandra M

Watch the video and follow these simple steps. Get drawing!

Learn how to draw a cartoon dragon with artist Sarah Jane Vickery.

If you are looking to begin drawing but not sure how or where to start, it’s a good idea to start with easy but fun illustrations. Artist, Sarah Jane Vickery, has created a video to show you how to draw a cartoon dragon using a few simple shapes and lines and the end result is amazing.

All you need to start is a few graphite pencils, a permanent pen or some fineliners and some good quality cartridge paper. This drawing guide is suitable for children and adults that want to begin drawing or learn how to create cartoon illustrations. It’s time to get creative!

What Art Supplies Will I Need To Start Drawing?

To draw your cartoon dragon with Sarah Jane Vickery, you will need the following art supplies:

- A sheet of high-quality drawing paper / cartridge paper (which ever size you prefer but we would recommend starting with an A4 piece of paper).
- A soft graphite drawing pencil (anything from a 2B to 4B).
- A permanent pen for outlining the dragon or fineliner pen (if you’re not sure which fineliner to choose, then take a look at our blog post that reviews the best fineliner pens).
- An eraser.

- A selection of coloured pencils if you want to colour your dragon in, or marker pens / felt tips.

Now you are ready to start drawing!

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon:

Watch Sarah’s video below and follow her step-by-step instructions to create your very own cartoon dragon. Don’t forget that you can make your dragon slightly different by drawing different features on it.


Here are some of Sarah’s instructions to help guide you:

- Start by lightly sketching the basic shapes of your dragon, starting with the head. Draw a small ‘D’ shape / semi-circle. Then, leaving a small gap, draw a bigger ‘D’ shape to the left of the head. This will be his back. Add some lines to join these shapes together. This will form the basic dragon shape.
- Add his tail by drawing some curved lines that come under his body, starting at the bottom left of the large ‘D’ shape.
- Add the dragon’s wings on the top of his back (the large ‘D’ shape). Start off by drawing a ‘V’ shape. Then, draw two diagonal lines that makes it look like two triangles without the bottom base. Add a scalloped line at the bottom to join the diagonal line to the ‘V’ shape. Add some lines to create some detail.
- Go back to the dragon’s head and start to add the detail. Draw two small ‘D’ shapes on the top of his head. This is where the eyes will be.
- Then, add a mouth two thirds of the way down. Draw two small circles a third of the way down to create his nostrils.
- Draw his front and back legs.
- Start to draw over some of the original lines to have more of a curve to make the drawing flow better.
- Add some more details to make it look even more like dragon, for example, horns, triangular spikes over his back, some smoke clouds coming out of his nose, etc. Be as creative as you like!
- Next, use a pen to carefully draw over the pencil lines to create the bold outline of the dragon. Once it has dried, rub out the original pencil lines so that you are just left with the black outline (be careful not to crease the paper).

- If you want, you can add even more details to the character, such as a tummy or some dragon scales or spots.

You can now colour him in using pens or pencils to really bring him to life. There you have it, your very own drawing of a cartoon dragon!

Finished Cartoon Dragon By Sarah Vickery

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon Steps.jpg

About Sarah Jane Vickery:

Sarah Jane Vickery teaches online art classes for children and adults. She illustrates colouring books and doodle journals to inspire creativity at any age. If you have enjoyed creating your very own cartoon dragon then you may be interested in joining Sarah Jane Vickery’s Cartoon Club online. These art classes are aimed at children that love to draw in their spare time.

She also runs workshops and online drawing classes for adults and does one-to-one tutoring. Or perhaps you just want an amazing colouring book to sit down and colour? If so, then we recommend Sarah’s book, Veronica’s Garden. After all, there is nothing more relaxing then colouring!

Thank you Sarah for your drawing tips and guide to drawing a cartoon dragon! Don’t forget to browse our website for drawing supplies. We have a great range for children, adults, beginners and professionals.

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon

Learn how to draw a cartoon dragon with artist Sarah Jane Vickery.

Watch the video and follow these simple steps. Get drawing!

19/10/2020 by Sandra M

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