Pro Arte Series A Hog Brushes

Pro Arte Series A Hog Brushes

Pro Arte Series A hog brushes are made from the highest grade of Chinese Jyukeis hog hair. The bristles are firm with a spring to them, making them ideal for oil and acrylic painting. This is because the fine quality natural hog hair holds the paint well and the brushes maintain their shape, even after many hours of continuous use and cleaning.

You can buy them in a round, filbert, short flat and long flat. The different shapes allow for a variety of painting techniques to be achieved. They come in sizes ranging from a small size 1 all the way up to a large size 12. All the Series A hog brushes have long, green, polished handles and seamless nickelled brass ferrules. These really are beautiful brushes for oil painters. If you have a slightly smaller budget, then you may wish to try the Pro Arte Series B Hog Brushes.

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