Artists Paint Brushes

When you are choosing an Artists Paint Brush, the quality of your Art Supplies can make so much difference. Whether you are painting on canvas, paper or another medium, you will need a great brush, and (as many of you have told us) at a great price! That’s why our ranges of top quality brushes are discounted as standard, and with brands such as Winsor & Newton, da Vinci and Pro Arte, you can buy the right quality brush for your budget and the right type for your painting.

Artists often take for granted the many features of finest quality handmade brushes. The Artist brushes at Pullingers combine the best quality raw materials and the skills of a master brush maker. Our paint brushes have been divided into Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic sections. But if a brush does what you want it to do then it is the brush you should be painting with. Rules are meant to be broken, especially in art.

Watercolour Paint Brushes

Watercolour Brushes typically have long hairs that are absorbent to allow for good colour holding properties. The best hairs are natural fibre, but some excellent synthetic alternatives have been developed over recent years. The handles of watercolour brushes are usually short as the watercolourist works closely to the paper. A fine quality handmade brush should spring back to its original shape after each stroke or when loaded with colour.

Oil and Acrylic Paint Brushes

A stiffer hair is required for Oil and Acrylic Brushes to allow the artist to control the heavy colour around the canvas. A softer bristle is needed when the oil or acrylic is thinned down. Oil paint brushes generally have long handles, as the artist works at a distance from the canvas. The most popular hair for oil brushes is white bristle or hog hair. This natural hair is stiff and springy, perfect for pushing heavy body paint on the surface.

Brushes with synthetic hairs are suitable for Acrylic painting. Taklon nylon brushes are popular. Taklon is made in a variety of thicknesses, this affects the softness or stiffness of the brush. The thicker can mimic hog bristle paint brushes and the thinner has similar qualities to sable.

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Brushes

A selection of round, bamboo handled brushes, ideal for Chinese Painting & Calligraphy techniques and Sumi-e (Japanese brush painting).

Fine Detail Modelling & Craft Brushes

Fine Detail Brushes and sets are perfect for painting detail items and adding finishing touches to a model or miniature. There are also brushes for craft projects, stencilling and face painting.

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