MaimeriBlu Watercolour Paints

MaimeriBlu Watercolour Paints

Maimeri Watercolour Paints are superior quality artists’ watercolours that are made up of single pigments to make the purist of colours. Manufactured in Italy, these watercolours are extremely lightfast with a high concentration of pigment. Colours are bright and vibrant. You only need to use a small amount of colour to achieve the best watercolour techniques.

How many colours are in the MaimeriBlu Watercolour range?

MaimeriBlu Watercolour Paints come in 90 colours. Each colour is made from a fine quality single which is ideal for colour mixing. The pigments have been carefully selected from individual raw pigments (organic, inorganic and natural pigments) to offer the purist of colours.

The MaimeriBlu Watercolour range consists of:

7 cadmium pigments (1 orange, 3 yellows and 3 reds),
5 transparent cadmium colours (3 yellows, 2 reds),
11 cobalt pigments (4 green, 5 blues, 1 turquoise and 1 sky blue),
8 quinacridone pigments (5 reds, 2 violets and 1 brown),
5 phthalocyanine pigments (3 greens and 2 blues),
8 natural earth and ochre pigments,
5 iron oxides (1 ochre, 2 reds, 1 brown and 1 black),
Payne’s grey, indigo, neutral tint and naples yellow.

MaimeriBlu Watercolours are made are processed and refined to mix fine particles of colour with natural Kordofan Gum Arabic and glycerine. This ensures an even dispersion of pigment within the watercolour.

34 of the MaimeriBlu colours have a high staining ability (the ability of a single pigment to permanently stain the paper).

How transparent are MaimeriBlu Watercolours?

MaimeriBlu Watercolours offer excellent transparency. 46 of the MaimeriBlu Watercolours are transparent, 25 of them are semi-transparent and 19 of the colours are opaque. The cadmiums and cobalts are the most opaque. The transparency of each colour depends on the pigment used but every single colour can provide extreme washes and intense, deep shades.

What paper should you use with Maimeri Watercolour Paints?

To get the best results from your MaimeriBlu Watercolours, Pullingers recommends that you use a high-quality watercolour paper that is at least 140lbs / 300gsm in weight. The higher the cotton content of the paper the better the quality (it is stronger and more absorbent), but the higher the price. The transparent colours really show the texture and whiteness of the paper so work well with a Cold Pressed (NOT) surface.

We particularly like Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Paper and Canson Heritage Watercolour Paper, but if you want a cheaper alternative to use with your MaimeriBlu Watercolour Paints, Bockingford is a good choice!

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