Derwent Line Maker Pens

Derwent Line Maker Pens

Derwent Line Maker Pens are high quality fineliners with a permanent, fast drying pigment ink. They produce a free-flowing, consistent line. They are perfect for drawing, graphic design and writing.

What nib sizes are available in the Derwent Line Maker Pens?

Derwent Liner Maker Pens come in nib sizes ranging from a super-fine 0.05 to a bold 0.8 (black only). These Derwent fineliner pens have a strong Japanese nib that is precise, highly durable and suitable for a range of mixed media techniques.

What colours are available in Derwent Liner Maker fineliners?

Derwent Line Makers are available in black, sepia, graphite, yellow, red, pink, purple, green and blue. They contain intensely coloured ink that dries quickly and will not smudge once dry. This makes them ideal for use with watercolour paints, Derwent Paint Pens and other coloured markers.

The ink in Derwent Line Makers is very opaque and ideal for drawing solid lines. All colours are lightfast and will not fade over time. Derwent Line Maker pens are a fantastic range of fineliners for artists and designers.

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