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Amsterdam Acrylic Markers

Amsterdam Acrylic Markers

Amsterdam Acrylic Markers make a fantastic addition the Amsterdam Acrylic range. Each of the 3 different sizes of Amsterdam Acrylic Markers are useful for a multitude of tasks, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. These brightly coloured markers also feature a handy transparent barrel so that the exact colour of paint is visible, as well as the amount that is remaining.

The largest of the Amsterdam Acrylic Marker range is the 15mm Wide Marker that can be used for filling in large areas of colour, for urban art and murals and for broad, expressive sketches. The 4mm Medium Marker has a rounded bullet tip that is ideal for designs and finer areas of colour, and would be perfect for adding details to larger artworks. The smallest marker in the Amsterdam Acrylic Marker range is the 1-2mm Fine Marker. This round tipped marker is great for details, and can be used alongside the others to create bold and striking artwork with extremely delicate details. Amsterdam Acrylic Markers are also available in a Metallic Set of 3, an Intro Set of 4, a Starter Set of 6 and Reflex Set of 4.

How do Amsterdam Acrylic Markers work?

Amsterdam Acrylic Markers need to be shaken well before each use, but the lid must be kept on whilst shaking to avoid spilling or flicking the ink. On first use of these markers, simply shake well, remove the cap and pump the nib until the colour appears on the nib. Pump the markers softly a few more times until the ink becomes clean on the paper. Always remember not to over-pump the nibs as this can cause flooding in the nib and cap. For more information take a look at our blog post on how Amsterdam Acrylic Markers work.

If the nib of your Amsterdam Acrylic Marker wears down or becomes clogged, we sell large replacement chisel nibs, medium replacement round nibs and small replacement round nibs.

What surfaces can Amsterdam Acrylic Markers be used on?

Amsterdam Acrylic Markers are water based markers that can be used on a wide variety of different surfaces, such as wood, canvas, stone, masonry, paper and card, plastics, glass, terracotta and metal. Thanks to the quick drying speed, the Amsterdam Acrylic Markers are touch dry in a few seconds and are both permanent and waterproof when fully dry.

Do the colours match the rest of the Amsterdam Acrylic range?

Yes, the Amsterdam Acrylic Markers have the same colour codes and names as the corresponding paints across the whole range. That means that the Amsterdam Acrylic Marker range can be used alongside products such as the Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Series Paints and the Amsterdam Acrylic Mediums.

Amsterdam Acrylic Markers are ideal for anyone who needs the vivid colour and durability of acrylic paint, but with the precision and flexibility of a pen. Suitable for artists, designers, urban artists, illustrators and crafters.

If you need any more information about Amsterdam Acrylic Markers, or any other help or advice, please get in touch

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