Daler Rowney Mountboards

Daler Rowney Studland A1 Moundboards are 1.4mm thick. Perfect for mounting & framing.

Canford Card & Paper

Daler Rowney Canford Coloured Card is 300gsm & Paper 150gsm. Comes in A4 & A1.

Daler Rowney Murano Paper

Murano Paper is a 160gsm coloured paper with a textured surface. Acid free.

Daler Rowney Canvases & Surfaces

Choose from stretched canvas, deep edge canvas, mixed media canvas & canvas paper.

Georgian Oil Paints

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colour is a high quality oil paint. Comes in 38ml & 225ml tubes.

System 3 Acrylic Paints

Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic is available in a large range of colours and sizes. Best seller!

System 3 Acrylic Inks

Water-based, opaque acrylic inks that dry permanent. 29.5ml & 180ml bottles.

Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Inks

FW Inks are permanent acrylic inks. 29.5ml & 180ml, in standard & pearlescent colours.

FW Mixed Media Paint Markers

FW Paint Markers are empty refillable paint pens. Different nib sizes available.

Aquafine Watercolour Paints

Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Paints come in sets for beginners & artists on the go.

Daler Rowney Painting Accessories

Buy tear off palettes and palette knives in different shapes & sizes.

Daler Rowney Easels

The Daler Rowney St Paul's Easel and Edinburgh Table Easel are high quality easels.

Daler Rowney Watercolour Paper

Aquafine & Langton Watercolour Papers come in cold pressed, rough & hot pressed surfaces.

Daler Rowney Sketchbooks

These water-based block printing inks are perfect for lino printing. 13 opaque colours.

Daler Rowney Sketch Pads

Daler Rowney cartridge pads, come in heavyweight, smooth & fine grain papers.

Daler Rowney Pastel Paper

Murano & Ingres pastel paper provide a high quality, textured surface for charcoal & pastels.

Daler Rowney Layout Paper

This 45gsm Layout Paper is a see through, white, lightweight paper for drawing & design.

Daler Rowney Portfolios

Daler Rowney Cachet Folios are perfect for the presentation of artwork and drawings.

Daler Rowney Screen Printing Paints

A large selection of Daler Rowney Screen Printing Sets & Mediums

Daler Rowney Goldfinger Paint & Varnish

Daler Rowney Goldfinger paint is a rub on metallic paste for frames & craft projects.

Welcome to our Daler Rowney Online Shop

Daler Rowney, a British manufacturer, have been producing art supplies since 1783. Initially called The George Rowney Company, Richard and Thomas Rowney used their expertise to develop artists’ paints, supplying their brand world-wide. After 200 years of selling and manufacturing a large range of paints and artists’ materials, the George Rowney Company was purchased by Daler Rowney. Daler Rowney continues to provide the highest quality artist materials for professional and amateur artists, students, beginners and children.

You can find a wide selection of Daler Rowney Art Supplies here at Pullingers, at discounted prices. Further information and resources can be found on the Daler Rowney Website.

Some of the popular ranges of Daler Rowney art supplies that we stock include:

Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paints

Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic is one of the best-selling acrylic paints. It is a high-quality water-based paint that dries to a permanent finish. The colours are lightfast and there are 54 opaque colours to choose from. It is a very versatile acrylic paint that dries quickly. You can use System 3 acrylic on multiple surfaces, including paper, card, canvas, wood, plastic, terracotta, clay and outdoors to paint murals, brickwork, etc. This acrylic paint is ideal for all art and craft projects and a favourite with artists and beginners. System 3 is available in 59ml or 150ml tubes and 500ml and 1 litre bottles, plus a variety of acrylic sets.

Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks

FW Acrylic Ink is one of Daler Rowney’s leading brands. It is an acrylic based pigment ink that is water-resistant when dry. The colours are lightfast and can be diluted with water to create watercolour effects, ink washes or put through an airbrush. For stronger colours, you can use these inks straight out of the bottle, using the pipette dropper (29.5ml bottle only), a paint brush, dip pen or technical pen. There are 45 standard colours available in 29.5ml bottles and 18 colours in the larger 180ml bottle. There are also 22 shimmering colours in the FW Pearlescent Acrylic Ink range.

If you are looking for an acrylic ink that is more opaque than the FW Ink, then try System 3 Acrylic Inks. These inks come in 28 opaque colours in the 29.5ml size and 12 colours in the 180ml bottle. They can be used on most surfaces including paper, card, Bristol board, canvas, wood, metal, plastic and textiles (permanent when iron fixed).

You can also buy Daler Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers. These are empty pens that you fill up with FW Acrylic Inks or System 3 Inks. They come in various nib sizes and are perfect for mixed media artwork, fine detail or writing. Basically, you use them to create your very own paint pens!

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints Paints

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colour is a popular choice with artists, students and beginners because it is excellent value for money. It comes in 58 colours in a 38ml tube or 52 colours in a large 225ml tube. Georgian Oil is ideal for introducing beginners to oil painting. This is because 24 of the colours in the range are made from single pigments, resulting in brighter colours and easier colour mixing. The colours are also very opaque and offer artists a high-quality oil paint with an optimum pigment load. Georgian Oil Paints don’t change colour from wet to dry and have a smooth buttery consistency, which can be applied thickly or thinly.

Daler Rowney Mountboard

Daler Rowney Studland A1 Mountboard is perfect for framing and mounting artwork for professional presentation and display. It is available in a large selection of 47 colours, A1 in size (841mm x 594mm / 33 x 23”) and 1400 microns / 1.4mm thick. It is a high quality mounting board that is pH neutral and has a cream core. This sturdy board can also be used for model making and craft projects. Daler Rowney Mountboard is our best selling mountboard. A Daler Rowney Studland Textured Mountboard is also available in 5 colours.

There is also an A1 Self Adhesive Mountboard in the range that has a backing sheet that you peel off to reveal the white sticky board underneath. It is quick and easy to use, without the need for glue. It is ideal for mounting and presenting and for displaying posters, prints, artwork, photographs and puzzles.

Daler Rowney Canford Coloured Card & Paper

If you are looking for coloured paper or card, then Daler Rowney Canford Card and Paper is your best option. Canford consists of high quality, acid free, coloured card and paper, with a smooth surface and matt finish. Canford Paper is 150gsm thick and Canford Card is 300gsm in weight. They are both available in A1 and A4 single sheets and an excellent choice of 37 colours, including a gold and silver. It is coloured all the way through and on both sides, so when you cut into it, it is still coloured. The same colours are available in both the A4 and A1 sheets, making it ideal for invitations, wedding stationery, posters and model making.

You can use Canford Card and Paper for virtually anything. Fold it, cut it, stick it, curve it, emboss it, create 3D models with it, print on it and draw and paint on it! This coloured paper and card is a great choice for presentations and professional displays and for mounting photographs, prints and artwork for portfolios.

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