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da Vinci Grigio-Synthetics Brush Set

Da Vinci Artist Brushes
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da Vinci Grigio Synthetic Brushes are hard wearing flexible brushes that are suitable for both oil and acrylic painting. Grigio brushes are made of roughened synthetic fibres that are ideal for impasto techniques as well as fine detailed techniques, and each brush has a long lacquered burgundy handle.

This set contains:
1x Series 7495 Filbert Size 6
1x Series 7955 Round Size 4
1x Series 7195 Flat Size 4
1x Series 7195 Flat Size 12
1x Bamboo Brush Roll

This Grigio set is perfect for the artist on the move, as well as for those artists who are looking for great quality synthetic brushes that have excellent colour holding capacity. This set also contains a handy Bamboo brush mat which has 9 incorporated elastic bands that are very secure and will hold around 20 thin brushes or slightly less larger ones. Great for taking your brushes out and about, as well as an ideal place to keep all of your favourite brushes while at home or in the studio.

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