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Lino Cutter No. 1 (Box of 5)

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The Lino Cutter No. 1 blade can be used to cut fine lines in lino and to achieve a cross hatching effect. Use this cutter at a steep angle and push forward carefully, making sure you don't go too deep into the lino.

When using this No. 1 cutter with SoftCut Lino, it will produce a line width of 0.5mm. If cutting into regular lino it will be a little wider.

Once your lino design is ready to print, it is best to apply the block printing ink thinly and with a hard roller rather than a soft roller as the ink can easily be dispersed into these fine cut shallow lines. A hard roller will give a better print of fine lines.

These lino cutters are manufactured from high carbon steel and are durable, long lasting & give the optimum angle for effortless precision lino cutting.

Box of 5 No. 1 Blades. Handle sold sparately.

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