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Rockpool Game

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Rockpool is a game for groups of 2 to 6 players, suitable for ages 6+. Each player takes turns adding stone cards to the Rockpool to reveal what is underneath. Sometimes a wave will come and wash everything away and the shells are lost. At any time, a player can shout to empty the Rockpool for their team and gain shells for their collection.

Rockpool is the perfect mix of easy to play but hard to master, therefore players of all ages and abilities will enjoy this game. Younger players will love collecting shell cards and will soon learn to be strategic.

Right Start Awards Winner 2020
The game rules included are translated into Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish and French.
Box size:  20x20x5.5cm
2-6 players
Age 6+

Little Gibsons is Gibsons Games’ collection of bright and colourful jigsaw puzzles & games that have been tailor-made for inquisitive children. The products are produced from the same high-quality materials as Gibsons’ award-winning adult jigsaw range and all the artwork has been designed by British artists. What’s more, each jigsaw and game is presented in an innovative box to complement the artwork theme, which means that the collection includes some weird and wonderful boxes that are sure to spark the imagination!





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