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Liquitex Soluvar Matt Varnish 237ml

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Liquitex Soluvar Matt Varnish lowers intensity and depth of colour, while reducing the surface glare when applied as a final varnish over dry acrylic or oil paint. It is a permanent, removable, final varnish for acrylic and oil paintings that protects the painting surface and allows for removal of surface dirt, without damaging the painting underneath.

Once the painting surface is clean, a new coat of Soluvar Matt Varnish may be reapplied to surface. It is self-leveling varnish so will not hold brush strokes.

Soluvar Matt Varnish dries extremely clear and is a durable archival qualtiy varnish that is non-yellowing. This varnish dries to a non-tacky, hard, flexible surface with a ;water resistant finish.

Remove and thin with up to 25% of mineral spirits or turpentine. Do not use Odorless Mineral Spirits.

This product is suitable for interior and exterior use. Also available in Soluvar Gloss Varnish which may be intermixed for a variety of sheens.

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