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Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium Discovery Set

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This Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium Discovery Set contains a 250ml bottle of ultimate pouring medium, 15ml catalyst, 5 x 20ml Pebeo studio acrylic paints, a palette knife and a booklet with how to use instructions and access to Nancy Wood's pouring acrylic videos. The acrylic colours included in this set are 27 Yellow Ochre, 21 Oriental Violet, 30 Turquoise Blue, 26 Mars Black and 11 Titanium White.

Pebeo Ultimate Pouring Medium is a unique 2 part pouring medium that has been designed by artist Nancy Wood with Pebeo.

It consists of an acrylic pouring medium and a catalyst, which naturally interact with each other to create controlled and reliable results with less wastage. It is much easier to control than other acrylic pouring mediums.

You use the catalyst to produce cells and a lace effect in the poured acrylic paint.

It is easy to use, water-based and allows artists and beginners to create the fluid pouring acrylic technique with control to create extraordinary results.

This is an ideal introduction set for beginners looking to experiment with the acrylic pouring technique.

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