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Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf - RED

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Gedeo Red Mirror Effect Metal Leaf is an ultra shiny red metallic foil that can be transferred on to virtually any object to add decoration, resulting in a rich, reflective red metal finish. It is fun and easy to use and a great way to add a high gloss mirror effect to your mixed media creations.

Mirror Effect Metal Leaves can be applied on to most surfaces using a Gilding Paste. Use it on canvas, wood, metal, glass, mirrors, terracotta, ceramics, paper and card, plastic, jewellery, and any other decorative objects.

To apply Gedeo Mirror Leaf, make sure the surface is clean and grease free and then apply Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste for a 3D finish or Pebeo Deco Gilding Paste for a flatter finish. Once the gilding paste has become transparent and tacky, the metal leaf can be placed over the top, coloured side up. Carefully apply light pressure to the coloured side of the mirror leaf to transfer it.

You can even apply Gedeo Mirror Leaf to any painted surface that is still tacky without using any Gilding Paste. Just let the paint dry until slightly tacky and then apply light pressure to the metal leaf and it will adhere to the paint!

Try using this metal effect leaf over the top of a painted canvas to create some really interesting effects and texture. Mirror Leaf is very similar to gold leaf but even more versatile because you can achieve a three dimensional effect with it and it has a glossier finish.

For best results, varnish it afterwards to protect it from metal oxidation and to prevent it from flaking off.

This pack contains 12 Red Gilding Leaves. Each metal leaf measures 14 x 14cm in size. Gedeo Mirror Effect Leaves are also available in green, blue, gold and silver.

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