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STABILO Pen 68 - Tin of 30 Fibre Tip Pens

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This set of Stabilo Pen 68 Fibre Tipped Pens comes with 30 vibrant colours in a convenient tin. The ink is water based and therefore odourless, and can be worked with a wet brush to create a wash type effect.

The tip is medium sized (1.0mm approx.) and is pressure protected, producing smooth intensive colour with ease. The barrel and cap colour matches closely with the ink inside, and the ventilated cap can be left off the pens for up to 24 hours without the risk of the ink drying out.

These highly brilliant pens come in a range of 40 colours and 6 fluorescent colours, and also a range of different sets to suit all needs. This set contains the following 30 colours:

24- Lemon Yellow, 44- Yellow, 54- Orange, 30- Pale Vermillion, 48- Carmine, 50- Dark Red, 29- Pink, 56- Rose, 58- Lilac, 55- Violet, 98- Paynes Grey, 32- Ultramarine, 41- Dark Blue, 31- Light Blue, 57- Azure, 13- Ice Green, 51- Turquoise Green, 36- Green, 43- Leaf Green, 33- Light Green, 89- Dark Ochre, 38- Sanguine, 75- Sienna, 45- Brown, 94- Light Cold Grey, 95- Medium Cold Grey, 96- Dark Grey, 97- Deep Cold Grey, 46- Black.

Perfect for all types of design work, as well as drawing and sketching, illustrative tasks, cartooning and comic work, revision cards and school and college work.

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