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STABILO Pen 68 - Tin of 50 Fibre Tip Pens

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Stabilo have a great reputation when it comes to their pens, and the Pen 68 is no exception. With its unmistakable stripes and bold barrel colours, these high quality pens are a must for revision, designers, illustrators, students and hobbyists alike.

Available in 40 single colours and 6 fluorescent, as well as a range of sets to suit all needs, these water-based Fibre Tipped Pens are odourless and have a robust 1.0mm nib which produces intense strong lines and large areas of colour with smooth application.

The pigmented ink provides luminosity and high coverage in a range of premium vivid colours to suit all creative needs. Perfect for sketching, drawing and writing, these versatile pens are a great addition to any art or stationary materials.

This set of 50 Pen 68 Fibre Tipped Pens contains the following brilliant colours:

11- Ice Blue, 13- Ice Green, 16- Light Emerald, 17- Heliotrope, 19- Purple, 22- Prussian Blue, 24- Lemon Yellow, 26- Light Flesh Tint, 29- Pink, 30- Pale Vermillion, 31- Light Blue, 2x 32- Ultramarine, 33- Light Green, 2x 36- Green, 38- Sanguine, 40- Light Red, 41- Dark Blue, 43- Leaf Green, 44- Yellow, 45- Brown, 2x 46- Black, 2x 48- Carmine, 50- Dark Red, 51- Turquoise Blue, 53- Turquoise Green, 54- Orange, 55- Violet, 56- Rose, 57- Azure, 58- Lilac, 63- Earth Green, 65- Umber, 75- Sienna, 88- Light Ochre, 89- Dark Ochre, 94- Light Cold Grey, 95- Middle Cold Grey, 96- Dark Grey, 97- Deep Cold Grey, 98- Paynes Grey, 024- Fluorescent Yellow, 031- Fluorescent Blue, 033- Fluorescent Green, 040- Fluorescent Red, 054- Fluorescent Orange, 056- Fluorescent Pink.

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