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STABILO Point 88 Fineliners - Wallet Of 10

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This wallet of STABILO Point 88 fineliner pens contains 10 bright and vivid colours which are water-based and smudge proof. The tip is porous and needle-like, and is encased in metal meaning that these pens are able to be used with stencils and templates with ease and without damaging the nib.

The ventilated caps can be left off the pens for a while without them drying, and the 0.4mm tip means that these pens are great for writing as well as drawing. Perfect for sketching, comic art, layout plans, graphic design and other art and craft tasks, as well as for school, homework and writing needs.

This set of 10 STABILO Point 88 pens contains the following colours:

44- Yellow, 54- Orange, 40- Red, 56- Pink, 55- Violet, 41- Dark Blue, 43- Light Green, 36- Emerald, 45- Brown, 46- Black.

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