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Product code: RT11509004

Ecoline Brush Pen Set Of 20

Royal Talens
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This Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 20 has a good colour selection allowing artists to create a vast range of different drawings and illustrations. Ecoline Brush Pens contain a transparent water-based dye ink that is like a liquid watercolour.

Use Ecoline Brush Pens to create watercolour effects and washes by adding water to them with a paintbrush. Once dry, just add more water to the colours to re-activate them and blend them further.

The flexible brush nib on these pens are 5mm wide at the base and go into a finer point. Apply less pressure to the pen to achieve finer detail. Ecoline Brush Pens are ideal for sketching, drawing, calligraphy, fashion design, illustration and watercolour painting.

This Ecoline Brush Set contains the following 20 colours:

Light Yellow
Deep Yellow
Light Orange
Deep Orange
Blue Violet
Ultramarine Violet
Sky Blue Cyan
Prussian Blue
Turquoise Blue
Light Green
Forest Green
Yellow Ochre
Deep Ochre
Burnt Sienna
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