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Talens Art Creation Blob Paint Pink Set 3 x 80 ml

Royal Talens
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Talens Art Creation Blob Paint is a ready-to-use paint to create 3D acrylic art using dots or blobs of paint. The paint is applied directly from the bottle  to a flat surface for the best results. There is no need to mix or thin this paint, shake the bottle and start painting right away!

The 3 colours in this Pink set are:
80ml Pink Lemonade 3508
80ml Blue Haze 5034
80ml Smoke Blue 5033

How to use:
Various techniques can be used such as layering, where you let each layer dry for 24 hours before adding another 3D effect
Alternatively you can use a wet-in-wet method to create patterns in different colours while the paint is still wet.
You can even use pouring techniques by moving around the surface after applying the paint to create interesting dripping effects.
These are a few ideas. Try your own techniques, be creative and have fun with it!

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